This is a unique quality of honey that is produced exclusively on the island of Crete.

The CRETAN PEYKOTHYMAROMELO it is a natural involvement thyme honey with pine. Produced in Crete for a time period that exceeds the century. The special production technique, namely the selective harvest honeycomb in the thyme, the contraction fry the pine trees and the renewal of the population in the autumn, he was transferred from generation to generation beekeepers as a traditional technique to date.


This type of honey is darker than the thyme but more open than the pine.

Aroma – Taste:

The πευκοθυμαρόμελο satisfy even the most demanding consumers as it combines the intense aroma of the θυμαρόμελου with unique rich texture of πευκόμελου.

Nutritional value & Beneficial Properties:

Honey of high nutritional value with a tonic and antiseptic properties.


This class honey has a slow crystallization. In a period of 18-24 months.