Pine Honey

From the pine forests which are found in the mountains of Kalamafka Ierapetra collect the honey pine.

It is about 65% of the total production of honey in Greece and comes from the honey dews of the insect Marchalina hellenica (known as "Vamvakada", "Worker"),when free rides in Χαλέπειο and rough pine.


Pine is darker than the thyme. What is produced in the spring is lighter and more clear than that produced in the autumn.

Aroma – Taste:

Special aroma with rich texture. Due to the low concentration of sugar, not too sweet.

Nutritional value & Beneficial Properties:

The high nutritional value of the πευκόμελου due to the large number of different
substances that coexist in the composition. Hold a special place in the
trace elements, which are found in large concentrations in the Greek
pine honey, as the honey of high nutritional value.

Pine honey has antiseptic, toning the body.


Due to the low natural sugar content of πευκόμελου into glucose,
crystallize is done at a fairly slow pace.

This type of honey crystallize after 24 months.